Sunday, January 15, 2017

no. 109

Today is a day to step away from the scissors, sewing machine and all things crafty for me.  Hitting a bit of a creative wall in all the mess from the past three days of cutting, sewing and snipping way threads (they are everywhere). 

So before I dive in, settle myself into a day of cleaning, clearing, and hopefully some organization, I wanted to share these pansy flowers which was the only thing I seemed to create yesterday.  It has been fun using a variety of old die cut shapes to assemble new flowers and critters.  For example, these are made using mostly an old quickutz egg die cut.  Can you see it? 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

no. 108

There were many moments last night when I felt as if I was being buried by my pile of scrap felt.  There I was, cutting, stitching, assembling when I looked up and there were tiny pieces of felt....EVERYWHERE.  I refuse to throw any out, so as you could imagine, my scrap pile is now not so well contained in a box and may be time to upgrade to a small bin of some sort.  Eventually I will part with them if the pieces get too small where they really cannot be used for anything, but until then...they are staying put.

Working on filling the shop this weekend between cleaning the house, watching a new show on Netflix (which is quite entertaining and quirky), and taking a much needed walk with my little pup and the boys.  All in all, a pretty great weekend ahead and even the large stack of dishes in the sink isn't bringing me down.  Although, can someone please tell me why kids choose new glasses each time they have something to drink that by the end of a day the cupboards are empty and glasses are scattered around the house.  We have even gone to color glasses, each of us having our own color, and that has not worked.  Still fine tuning this, but I think our dishwasher was made just to wash cups at this point.
Had fun searching through the bead aisle at the craft store yesterday for the finishing touch on my wood ornaments.  They are all so amazing, but ended with six different the ceramic ones, like this one above.  Came home and went to work making the tassels and finishing each one.  Ready to work on the fourth.  Have the pencil marks on the wood and ready to be drilled.  Sawdust to add to my work space....nice.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you back soon, as usual :)

Friday, January 13, 2017

no. 107

Hello, hello and happy Friday!

I am ready for the weekend.  Are you?

There isn't a clear plan on how this weekend will be spent, but I know I will be hovering over the craft table as often as possible.  Ready to fill my shop with new goodies, complete the fourth pattern on the next piece of wood, and just play in my little space.

So much to share next week.  Can't wait!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

no. 106

When we began homeschooling a couple of years ago, I quickly realized how much I loved geometry.  It makes sense.  Using handy little gadgets to make all sorts of interesting shapes.  Most days they catch me peering over their shoulders at the newest lesson.  I can't help myself!

I think they are like most kids at their age asking the question "when will we use this in the real  world".  I run down the list of reasons, but there is nothing like a "real world" example to drive home my argument.  Which leads me to the project above. 

How fun it is to take a compass and draw on a piece of wood, plan out my designs, draw in a few lines here and there, and get to drilling.  Add my thread and there you have it, a geometric shape that makes me smile.

I actually pulled the outer ring on the ornament from the fox art that I created this past weekend.  Kind of an unplanned outcome, but ended up loving it. 

Be back tomorrow for a "thank goodness it's Friday" post and maybe a little more geometry.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

no. 105

It's that time of year when I am reminded that Easter is just around the corner from a very anxious kid who's birthday happens to land in the same month.  Being that we just wrapped up Christmas, I seem to repeat "well, maybe for your birthday" quite frequently.  This year is no exception.

When money was gifted to him this holiday season my usual little saver became a hurry and spend it kind of kid.  This was evident when the other night he asked if he could sell an item, which he hasn't even received yet, in order to save money to buy another, even better item that he found online in a matter of seconds.  This is where the line "well, maybe for your birthday" is continuously repeated, hoping that one time he listens and understands.
There are three more months of this routine ahead of me.  Not sure if it is his age, whether his bored most days is leading to him searching the computer for cool new gadgets, or there is a money tree somewhere that he knows about that we don't.  Whatever the case, I am kind of wishing that an empty box would entertain him like it did when he was a toddler.   Much more affordable and less of a hassle. 

They are always surprising me!

Hope you are enjoying your week.  Back to testing today, packaging a few orders, and definitely spending some time digging into the crafty supplies.  There is more than one reason why waking up to an alarm in the morning is needed.  Need plenty of time to fit in all my favorite things in a day.   

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

no. 104

Waking up on this Tuesday morning, sun shining, kids filled with some Panera breakfast, and fingers crossed we have a good day.  Why is my heart beating just a bit faster?  Why did I spring out of bed, open all of the windows, and greet my boys with a cheery "good morning"?  Well, this is why.

Testing...a whole week of it!

I have one who just does what is asked and doesn't always double check his answers and the other hates not knowing all of the answers and frustration levels rise (already had a few calming sessions to get him through just the first section).  Just hoping once they get into the groove things will be smooth sailing.

While I wait, I am tucked away in the office sharing my project with you today while enjoying my morning snack of pineapple with coconut sprinkled on top.  Yum! 
Last night was spent planning out my drill holes and thread for my next ornament.  By this post alone you could probably guess what my favorite color is.  The threading this time around had to be done with patience.  A long strand of thread can easily become a tangled mess...been there, done that.  I also thought about how I wanted the back side to be clean and have a defined pattern as well.  Achieved...yeah! Created a matching tassel this morning and probably head to the craft store for a nice bead or two to add, as I did with this one below.

Once that is done...not quite sure.

I hear feet moving about upstairs.  Until next time!

Monday, January 9, 2017

no. 103

Well, it is the start of the week and I am ready!  What I am ready for is a bit up in the air, but I am ready with my tennis shoes on. 

To say that this year has started off with my sprinting towards my goals is an understatement.  There are plans in place, actions being taken, and ideas being recorded.  All that is left is the patience, time, and self encouragement (something that is lacking at times).

One thing I am confident about, spending more time sewing and creating.  That is a given, something that I cannot see this year without.  Been there, done that, never again.  Amazing how one little machine, the most basic sewing machine around I am certain of that, can bring so much joy.  Although football tried to drown me out this weekend, my sewing machine was hard at work, humming away to create a series of art pieces I am excited to share with you over the next few weeks. 
Time to dig into the school week routine, rally up the kiddos and get our day started.  Just as much as they look forward to the end of the school day, I cross my fingers that my work is wrapped up around the same time so I can play around with my "toys". 

Enjoy your Monday, the start of your week, and hoping you get time to play!