Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It is cold. Toe tingling, red nose, keep me wrapped in a blanket cold.  This is strange and something my boys are not happy about.  Having to transition from shorts and flip flops to long pants and tennis shoes...oh, and to get them to wear a jacket ha!  Don't blame them for wondering why it isn't snowing here, but they are excited about the snow in the northwest and hoping it sticks around a bit for our visit in a month.  Hope you are all keeping warm!

Our adopted butterflies have begun to emerge and have tried to keep them inside for the past 24 hours to escape the freezing temperatures.  Ended up putting them in the garden to soak up the warm sun this morning.  Two have taken up residence on our large dahlia flowers.  It is one amazing transformation they undergo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

finding the perfect spot...

Is it me, or do you ever find yourself asking "am I in the right spot?"  Maybe it is the season of life I am in, the fact that so much around me is changing, my little men are becoming medium sized men,  never feeling completely settled here in the south.  Over the past few months I have typed questions into the Google search engine that are, let's just say, ridiculous.  Looking for answers to questions, researching, just hoping that something is going to pop out at me and say "THAT'S IT!"  The perfect spot is pictured in my head, getting there may take some work but it is probably worth it...let's be honest the internet may not have all the answers to get me there.  Time to roll up the sleeves and get creative!

Monday, November 17, 2014

the joy of ombre...

If this doesn't bring a little joy today then I shall go back to bed and wake when it does...hoping you are having a joyful Monday.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

two in one...

Working with come air dry clay and embroidery thread together for Precious Remembrance this week.  Head on over to check out the results.

Friday, November 14, 2014

happy clay play, day two...

Are you feeling the spirit of the holiday season yet?  Just thinking about the traveling, gift giving, cool weather, holiday music and handmade gifts to be made...I think I am there...I think.  Starting this morning with a new image, a new project and on to a clean house.

The Martha Stewart air dry clay, twine, cookie cutters, roller are ready to go.  Creating a star garland for my sister and hope it turns out.  Check out these amazing clay garlands...

Did you know that MS air dry clay can be painted.  It is super easy to work with, light weight and...if the drying process goes well...I may have to try this idea.

Now, how adorable is this?  Just add some twine, cut with a craft knife and once dried...draw.  What else is there?  One last project.


There you have it.  Some ideas to get you started if you are interested.  I have so far, with one package of clay, created eight 3.25" stars and three 2" two items to be shared on Sunday's Precious Remembrance tutorial post.  Stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

make this day...

After the clay play yesterday on my blog it only took a split second to realize I could use a digital image to here you go.  It sort of ties in with the image from yesterday.  A song my mother sang to me and the one I then sang to my little ones.  Seems like so long ago that I was rocking them to sleep humming this tune.  If I attempted that now they would make a quick turn away from me...although it is always fun to try.

I know I have been adding a bunch of random images here lately and not doing much to show them off in their printed form.  With the little amount of ink I had left yesterday...

A couple of years ago I created a few polymer clay candy canes to use in my altered projects.  Stumbled across one the other day and decided to create a few more.  Along with some festive felt, fabric and thread garland you could decorate a mini Christmas tree.

Used this image that I posted a week or so ago, here, and there you have it.  Layers of paper, silver tulle, wool fabric, printed image, lace, button, thread, and clay candy cane.  Enjoying this time of sharing and can't wait to share more.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

bits of sunshine...

It is strange to think, while living in a place with so much sunshine, that a little more may be needed throughout the day.  Today is one of those days.  Went to bed last night thinking of this saying above.  Woke up today feeling the need to express that need digitally, so I went to work on this image.   A smile, fresh flowers from the garden, enjoying a cup of coffee, finishing a mean game of Monopoly with my little man...there is a bit of sunshine around every corner to help the clouds clear.  Today I am keeping my heart and eyes wide open to capture a little for myself.

Have you worked with Polymer clay before.  I am not expert by any means.  There are ideas floating around in this head of mine and maybe 5% make it to a complete, finished, no fingerprints project.  This, out of five I did, was part of that 5%.  I love looking through Pinterest and came across clay jewelry that was oh so amazing.  Again I say, the talent that is out there is just amazing.  After months of seeing inspiration, created a bit of my own.  Using a jewelry piece from Epiphany Crafts, polymer clay, lace (for the background pattern), jewelry metal adhesive...there you have it.  I don't purchase never, ever, when I create pieces for fun I tend to wear them once and awhile.  Just something fun to share.